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AMSOIL Lowers Temperatures, Extends Engine Life

Dealer Lyle Antrobus of Fort Collins, Colo., sponsors the Rapid Emissions Racing Team. Rapid Emissions Racing features father and son drivers John and Lance Jolly. The Jollys agree that the AMSOIL products they use in their vehicles have given them an edge over the competition, as well as reduced maintenance time. The Jollys race legend cars with minimum weight and engine restrictions. They are required to use the Yamaha 1200cc motorcycle engine, and the car must weigh a minimum of 1,100 pounds without fuel or driver and 1,300 pounds with fuel and driver. John has been driving legend cars since 1999. He feels AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have contributed to the superior endurance of his car's engine. "The high engine heat, due to the limited cooling available from the cross-mounted Yamaha 1200 air-cooled engine, leads to engine failure, especially on the rear cylinder," said John. After switching from conventional lubricants to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil John noticed the engine ran smoother, and temperature was reduced by 15 degrees. He is confident that AMSOIL products are prolonging his engine's life. Both Jollys use AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes and greases. John uses AMSOIL 20W-50 High Performance Motorcycle Oil in his legend car, while Lance runs AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil in his legend car. The Jollys are evaluating and comparing the two oils to determine which suits their style of racing best. 

AMSOIL for Work and Play

Dealer Bruce Ayres of Chino, Calif. has been using AMSOIL products in his landscaping business for several years. He began using AMSOIL Pi in his personal watercraft, and soon discovered that he could outrun personal watercraft of the same model. This led Ayres to try AMSOIL HP Injector 2-Cycle Oil, producing even better results. Ayres quickly converted all his trucks and landscaping equipment to AMSOIL. He found he was getting increased transmission life, and the performance of his fleet and equipment went up while his maintenance costs went down. Ayres has 1 0 trucks and numerous mowers and pieces of hand-held equipment, making fuel costs a major concern. Using AMSOIL fuel additives, oils and greases gives Ayres a competitive edge by providing the best fuel economy possible along with lower maintenance costs and less downtime. The virtually smokeless and smell-free two-cycle oils have kept commercial accounts coming back as crews must work around shoppers and in high-density residential areas. Ayres recently traded in his personal watercraft and purchased a new boat - a 28' Cobra with a MerCruiser TM MAG HO 8.2 liter engine. To insure the best protection possible, Ayres installed the AMSOIL Marine Dual Remote Filtration System along with an AMS-Oiler TM to prevent dry starts after the boat has been docked for an extended period. Ayres decided the best mounting location on his boat was the transom. This allows him an uncluttered hose routing so he can easily access the water pump impeller, which must be changed from the front of the engine among an array of belts and pullies. It also allows easy access to the filters and sampling valve to monitor wear. Ayres also installed AMSOIL Marine Gear Lube in his new water- craft. "The investment will pay off many times over in the longevity of this engine and outdrive," said Ayres. "Less time performing maintenance leaves more time to drive the boat." 

AMSOIL Makes Prizm Durable

Direct Jobber Ted Pickul drives a 1992 Geo Prizm with unusually high miles. As of February 2005 the Prizm had over 362,000 miles on only 15 oil changes and 31 filter changes. Pickul credits AMSOIL products with extending the life of his car's engine.

Pickul bought the Prizm new in June of 1992 and after 3,000 miles, converted it to AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. Pickul also installed an AMSOIL 2-Stage Air Filter.

Pickul converted to AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid at 30,000 miles, and has changed it five times.

After owning the vehicle for one year, Pickul changed the engine coolant to AMSOIL Antifreeze & Engine Coolant which he changes at two-year intervals. Pickul uses a 16 oz. bottle of Pi Gasoline Additive every three or four months, and every 30,000 miles he treats the car to AMSOIL Power Foam Carburetor and Engine Cleaner. At 200,000 miles Pickul converted to AMSOIL 10W-40.

Pickul has demonstrated complete faith in AMSOIL products to keep his car running smoothly.

"In November 2003 with 329,000 miles on the engine, I drove the car from Sarasota, Fla., to Carbondale, Ill., without stopping," said Pickul. "The 13-hour trip was a true tribute to the AMSOILization of this vehicle."

The Prizm has a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine that has had no major problems. The valve cover was removed at 360,000 miles and it was exceptionally clean.

AMSOIL Improves Gas Mileage

Dealer Jackie Cecil's daughter was working on a project for an advanced U.S. history class on the similarities of the wars in Iraq and Vietnam. As the recipient of two purple hearts and a former squad leader in Vietnam, Cecil took an interest in the project and used the opportunity to show his daughter and her classmates there is a way to reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil.

Cecil conducted an experiment with his car to show the outstanding gas mileage that is attainable using AMSOIL products.

"I used my 11-year-old 1994 Honda Civic 5-speed with approximately 195,000 miles as the test vehicle," said Cecil. Cecil uses AMSOIL Pi in the gas, AMSOIL 0W-30 Motor Oil and an AMSOIL 2-Stage Air Filter. The Honda also runs on Bosch plug wires and Bosch Platinum+4 tipped plugs.

Cecil drove 55 miles per hour from Valdosta, Ga. to Callahan, Fla. and back. The weather was clear, but there was an 11 to 24 mph gusting wind on the trip back.

To prove that he did everything he said he did, Cecil hired CPA Susan Swader to document his actions. Swader noted the mileage, level of gas and type of tires on the car before Cecil left. She then sealed the gas tank with tape in a way that prevented it from being opened. Cecil vouched for the fact that he was in Callahan, Fla. by bringing back a signed, dated receipt from a McDonald's in Callahan.

Upon his return, Swader followed Cecil to the gas station and watched him fill the tank, noting the difference in total miles and the amount of gas needed to refill the tank.

"I vouched that the tape placed over the gas cap had not been tampered with," said Swader. 

Test results: 50.2 miles per gallon.

Harley Becomes Smooth Ride With AMSOIL

Terry Campbell of Lincoln, Calif. works in the industrial laundry business. He spends his free time riding his motorcycle in the Sierra Mountains. Campbell, who has been a Honda rider since he was about 15, bought a 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Superglide in the past year. "The biggest thing I noticed was the big twin engines run hot," Campbell said.

He initially ran Harley SynTec 3 in his crankcase, Redline Heavy Shock in his transmission and Redline 75W-140 in his primary chain. "Well, the Redline didn't work any better than the Syn3," Campbell said. "In fact, my transmission shifted worse. The Harley Syntec ran too hot, and the Redline was sticky."

He remembered that years ago he used AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, so he connected with Indiana Direct Jobber Grey Landuyt. He now runs AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil in the crankcase, AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Lube in the transmission and AMSOIL 10W-40 in the primary chain, and has installed an AMSOIL SDF Motorcycle Oil Filter.

"So, I've - been running AMSOIL in all three cavities," Campbell said. "It has made quite a difference. My engine is running at least 30 degrees cooler, my transmission shifts much smoother and my primary chain is quieter."

He said his engine had been running between 280 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

And when the engine was cold, the transmission would grind when he shifted from neutral to first gear.

'Not anymore," Campbell said. "Not bad improvements from just changing oils. I first used AMSOIL in the late '70s. I should have never stopped."

He's getting increased horsepower out of the performance cams, he said. "This is really smooth. I've been a believer in synthetics since the '70s. I've seen the proof. I'm happy with the AMSOIL. The products seem like real quality products and if they'll keep my motor in my Harley running longer, I'll keep using them."

Campbell also installed AMSOIL Synthetic SW-30 in his new Dodge pickup truck with a Hemi engine. According to Campbell "You can't go wrong with AMSOIL."

96 Tacoma Passes 196,000 Miles - Still Going Strong

Tommy Hamilton of Hamilton Classic Cars, Chester, Va. began using AMSOIL motor oil in 1986. He also sells AMSOIL products to customers at his used car lot.

In 1996 Hamilton bought a 1996 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 with a 2.7L four cylinder engine, five speed manual transmission. The engine and drive train were changed to AMSOIL lubes at 6,000 miles. He put AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil in the engine and AMSOIL 75W-90 Gear Lube in the drive train. He also put 196,000 miles on the engine in that time.

This truck is used in extremely heavy service. In the used car business he's always pulling a car carrier, transporting vehicles to and from the car lot. He frequently tows a 14-foot enclosed trailer taking go carts and equipment to races.

For recreation, Hamilton has a 19-foot ski boat he also tows frequently. All of this towing, with this 2.7L four cylinder engine. He said he can maintain more than 70 miles per hour when towing with no problem. The engine runs as strong as it was when it was new, and has had no mechanical problems or maintenance except for the four oil changes since changing to AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30. The only part that has been replaced is the starter. 

Hamilton has passed the truck on to his son, Jeff, who plans to run it at least another 196,000 miles.

AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil Makes Gold Wing 'Purr'
Unique Application For MP: Wheel Spins Best With AMSOIL

After nearly 15 years of using AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and lubricants, Ken Burkhalter, Chelsea, Mich., still finds him- self pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products.

Burkhalter said he loves AMSOIL products and uses them in "anything and everything that comes under my control."

And that's a lot. Burkhalter and his wife, Nancy, ran a 200-acre farm, where they have raised and bred sheep until this year when they retired so they can travel.

The three farm tractors, ranging from a small 26 HP to a large 110 HP Massey, are equipped with AMSOI L 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil, AMSOIL oil and air filters and AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil. Burkhalter also uses AMSOIL gear lubes in his vehicles. The 2000 Honda ATV, appropriately the "Rancher" model with a 350cc engine, runs with AMSOIL 10W-40 High Performance Motorcycle Engine Oil. He bought the ATV for Nancy to run around the farm and check on the sheep. She says the fire engine red ATV with its racks makes it a perfect "lambulance" should any of the babies need rescuing, an event that hasn't happened.

His zero-turn lawn mower, log-splitter and small engine water (pond) pump also are equipped with AMSOIL lubes and greases.

He runs AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil in his 2004 Chrysler Pacifica and 2002 Buick Rendezvous, along with the farm truck, a 1991 Dodge Dakota. The vehicles also have AMSOIL air and oil filters installed.

Although he registered as a Dealer years ago, he has used the products for himself rather than selling them to others. "While I proselytize AMSOIL products to all who will listen, I just send them to the AMSOIL website to learn more," Burkhalter said. "I'm a great promoter, I just didn't have the time to handle sales efforts. Now that I am retired I might rethink that."

 Although Burkhalter trusts the quality and performance of AMSOIL motor oils, lubes and filters, he has been newly- impressed with AMSOIL products in his 1999 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE. He purchased it with 15,000 miles on the engine. He put 5,000 miles on the oil and fluids installed by the dealer he bought the bike from and then installed AMSOIL Synthetic 1OW-40 High Performance Motorcycle Engine Oil.

"Upon riding the bike after the change I was blown away," Burkhalter said. "Words alone cannot describe the remarkable performance change."

He reports the engine starts easier and quieter and idles significantly faster.

"I'll have to adjust the idle speed back down," he said. "it runs like everything is made from silk. The engine is so quiet you can barely hear it at 70 mph, and the smooth sound it makes is so stunning, I have been driving with my radio off just to enjoy the engine purr."

Besides the purring of the engine, Burkhalter experienced an immediate improvement in shifting ease on the Gold Wing. "I thought it might be my over-fertile imagination, but looking at the shop manual closer I find that the transmission runs in the engine oil (not separate) so the extreme smoothness, ease of shifting and lack of gear gnashing can only be attributable to the use of the AMSOIL motorcycle oil.

"I'm not sure why I'm surprised, having been a satisfied user for more than a decade, but the difference in the bike was dramatic."

AMSOIL Keeps Engine Starting Easily

Shawn Prenatt of Kenmore, N.Y. thoroughly researched synthetic oils. After doing his own performance comparison, he chose AMSOIL. In May 2004, Prenatt purchased a 1997 Pontiac Firebird with 79,000 miles on it. Before switching to AMSOIL motor oil, Prenatt had trouble starting the vehicle in fall and winter. "Before changing over to AMSOIL, I was using what- ever brand of oil the dealership put in my car," said Prenatt. "Whatever the brand was, it surely did not hold up against AMSOIL." In October 2004, Prenatt used AMSOIL Engine Flush and then installed AMSOIL 10W-30, an AMSOIL Oil Filter, Bosch Platinum +4 Spark Plugs and Wires and AMSOIL Engine Coolant. "After the engine flush, oil change and spark plug upgrade, start-ups during cold weather are easy," said Prenatt. 

Prenatt reports that his Firebird drives more smoothly and has more horsepower than ever before. Prenaft was also impressed with how much cooler the engine runs after switching to AMSOIL products. "I had an immediate performance increase in my car thanks to AMSOIL and Bosch products," said Prenatt. 

AMSOIL Keeps Compressor Engine Clean

Air compressors do heavy duty, often running many hours a day, every day. Jerome Clampitt 11 buys all of his AMSOIL products from his father, Jerome Clampitt, in Jacksonville, Fla. The elder Clampitt owns On Site Truck Service, a mobile truck repair business. He's also an AMSOIL Dealer. "I run AMSOIL motor oils and lubricants in everything I have," the elder Clampitt said. "So does my son." Almost two years ago, the younger Clampitt, who is a subcontractor, bought a new air compressor with a 5.5 horse- power Honda engine. "This compressor  runs four to five days a week, all day long," said the elder Clampitt. His son installed AMSOIL 1OW-30 Synthetic Motor Oil and AMSOIL Synthetic Compressor Oil in his compressor when he bought it, Clampitt said. 
"Recently, it lost compression," said Clampitt, who serviced the compressor. "Upon removing the head I found the problem to be weak valve springs. The inside was beautiful. It still has the hatch marks in the cylinder wall. Two springs, grind the valves, a few gaskets later and he's going again. Thanks AMSOIL." 


AMSOIL ISO 100 SAE Compressor Oil Extends Compressor Life

Dealer Michael Mallette of Mesa, Ariz., recently ran some tests on his Hitachi two horsepower single stage compressor, and had good results. He tested his compressor's amp draw, which specs at 14.5 amps, running with fresh Hitachi compressor oil and with AMSOIL ISO 100 SAE compressor oil. 
"After running the compressor for a period of time to get it and the tank hot, I checked the amp draw several times to make sure it stabilized and recorded the reading," said Mallette. All readings were obtained just before the compressor shut off at the 120 psi limit. The Hitachi oil 19219 obtained a reading of 14.9 amps, while the AMSOIL ISO 100 SAE Compressor Oil read 14.1. 

"I could see the draw dropping as it ran," Mallette said. After the second refill of the tanks, it stopped dropping and stabilized around 14 to 14.1 amps. According to Mallette's testing, a difference of .8 amps (multiplied by 120 volts) saves 96 watts an hour. This means less work for the electric motor, reduced electrical consumption and longer life for the compressor. 

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