Nutritional Supplements

* "World's Best" Multi's and Enzymes*

ALTRUM's "World's Best" Multi's are complete, state-of-the-art, multi-vitamin nutritional supplements, formulated from over 25 years of research. The ALTRUM Multi's incorporate the latest research in nutritional science, providing significant levels of every nutrient required for optimal health. 
Improved digestion may increase your quality of living. Taking a supplemental enzyme can help take stress off your digestive organs and other body systems. Experience the extensive benefits of the natural food enzymes found in the ALTRUM enzyme formulas.
A.J.'s Ultra Multi
without iron (DWI)
Ultra Multi
with iron (DNU)
DNS Economy Multi (DNS) Children's Chewable Multi (DCC)
Longevity EnzymesTM
Ultra Daily Enzymes (DEU) Daily Enzyme Support (DES) Daily Support Team Package (DST)

ALTRUM Multi-vitamins 
Whole. Balanced. Complete.

Each of the ALTRUM Multi's is whole, balanced and complete. ALTRUM's "World's Best" Multi's are manufactured at 110 percent potency preserving nutrient effectiveness and ensuring shelf life beyond 18 months at full label potency. Only the highest quality and freshest raw materials are used in ALTRUM's "World's Best" Multi's. These factors, along with the highest quality ingredients available in the marketplace, rank these products as the World's Best" Multi's.
ALTRUM Multivitamin Features
  • Provide significant levels of every nutrient in a balanced form to work synergistically for optimum effectiveness
  • All-in-one formulation allows easy adaptation to individual needs
  • Cold-process manufacturing at 110 percent potency preserves nutrient effectiveness and ensures shelf life at full label potency
  • Superfood/Herbal Base provides a full spectrum of all the nutritional factors in food form for the most effective absorption and value
  • Aminoate chelation allows four to six times better absorption of minerals over unchelated minerals
  • Time released B Complex and C vitamins provide greater absorption of nutrients and continuous nutrition throughout the day
  • Derived from natural sources for maximum biological effect.

The Ultra Multi's
Premium Multivitamin Nutritional Formulas

The two Ultra Multi's are the Ultra Multi and A.J.'s Ultra Multi (same as the Ultra Multi but without iron). Over 130 life-sustaining ingredients are in each of the Ultra Multi's including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, herbs, amino acids and more. Each formula includes 38 new body-vitalizing additions to the original Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) multivitamin making the best all-in-one product even better. 
ALTRUM Digestive Enzyme Formulas
Escape the digestive epidemic with premium enzyme supplementation

Today's typical diet of cooked, canned and convenience foods makes it very important to take supplemental enzymes to relieve some of your body's digestive stress. Since your body puts a higher priority on digestion than on maintaining health, it steals enzymes from your body to finish digestion. Taking a supplemental enzyme can help take stress off your digestive organs and other body systems. Experience the extensive benefits of the natural food enzymes found in the ALTRUM Enzyme Formulas.

*Superfood Supplements*

Rounding out the basic requirements for proper nutritional supplementation are the superfoods, an exceptional source of phytonutrients (plant nutrients). Superfoods are natural, nutrient-rich food supplements derived from nature's plant sources, providing a multitude of health benefits. All of these superfoods (with the exception of the garlic) are found in the ALTRUM Multi superfood/herbal base. Choose products from this category for additional superfoods.
Daily Garlic Support (DGS) Superfood PhytoNutrient Support (DPN)

* A.J.'s Signature Formulas *

A.J.'s Signature Formulas include four nutritional supplements 
designed specifically for high performance and better health.

A.J.'s Roborant
Energy (DRE)

A.J.'s Prostate Formula (DPF) A.J.'s Male Power Formula (DMP) A.J.'s Brain Power
with Ginkgo Biloba (DBP)
A.J.'s Super Energy
with Guarana (DSE)

*Technical Supplements*

The ALTRUM Technical Supplements Line is comprised of premium supplements designed to meet specific nutritional needs. They can enhance, improve and protect your overall health.
No image Available
Vision Power (DVP) Memory Focus (DMF) Nutritional Oils
Ultra Omega-3 (DUO) Joint Formula (DJF)
with Boswellia and Glucosamine
CoEnzyme Q-10 (DEQ) Ultra Calcium Complex (DUC) Cold Season Zinc Lozenges (DZL) Orange Juice Chewable C (DOJ) Upliftment Formula (DUF)
with St. John's Wort
Stress Management System (VB010/610)
with Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C-600, Controlled Release (VB020/620) Vitamin E with Selenium (VB030/630)


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