Mitsubishi Vehicle Applications and AMSOIL SDF-20

TSB: FT-2004-03-01

Date: 3/16/2004

Product Description: AMSOIL full flow oil filter SDF-20

Subject: Application Notice

The engine oil systems of certain Mitsubishi applications may produce abnormally high oil pressure, exceeding the structural capacity of standard spin-on oil filters, including the AMSOIL SDF-20. Improper operation of the pressure-regulating valve in the engine causes the high oil pressure, resulting in over-pressurization of the lubricating system and damage to the oil filter.

AMSOIL has decided to withdraw recommendation of the SDF-20 in place of the Mitsubishi part number MZ690116 oil filter. The AMSOIL SDF-20 continues to be the recommended filter for many other applications not associated with this problem.

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  Affected Mitsubishi Models  
Year Model Engine
2001-03 Montero Sport V6-213 (3.5 L) SFI 24 Valve
2001-03 Montero Sport V6-181 (3.0 L) SFI 24 Valve
2001-02 Montero V6-213 (3.5 L) MFI 14 Valve
1999-00 Montero Sport V6-213 (3.5 L) SFI or MFI
1997-00 Montero V6-213 (3.5 L) MFI
1994-96 Montero V6-214 (3.5 L) MFI



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