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Specializing in Volkswagen/Audi Heavy-Duty Skid Plates, Timing Belt kits, Short Shifters, Clutch kits and TDI Maintenance.

Dieselgeek's have a TDI Bypass Filter Kit for BEW and ALH engines

This universal kit fits all Golf and Jetta MK4 cars from Mid 1999 through 2006.  This kit fits New Beetle TDI from 2004 through 2006.

All fittings, hardware, and one Amsoil EaBP-90 filter are included with kit.

Tire Pressure At A Glace


Accu-Pressure Safety Caps

Under inflated tires on motor vehicles cause crashes due to tire blow-outs, immobilized vehicles, poor handling as well as hydroplaning.
Finally there is an easy way to keep a check on your tire pressure.
An ACCU-PRESSURE SAFETY CAP is a new tire pressure monitor product which will help drivers know when their tire pressure is too low.

For All You Off Road 4 Wheel Enthusiasts!

  Automatic Tire Deflator

Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflator Kit includes: four deflators, tire gauge (0-20psi for the 5-20psi kit, 0-50psi for the 20-40psi kit), leather storage pouch, adjustment tool, deflation guide, laminated instruction card and decal. Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators screw on to your valve stem and will simultaneously "air down" all four of your tires to your pre selected pressure and shut off automatically. They perform this function whether your vehicle is stationary or traveling at speeds up to 20 MPH. They are small (2" long) and lightweight (0.5 oz each), and available in three colors: Red or Blue anodized aluminum, or polished aluminum.


Whether you're hauling or pulling, 
the Hitch helper will level your ride!
Takes out the HOP
Eliminates WEAVING
Hell-Ya Productions, Inc.


Tire is a 5.7 x 8 Load C, rated for 910 lbs @ 65 mph!
The 50 pound Hitch Helper
Fits any 2-inch receiver hitch
Coil spring gives a smooth towing ride
Easy Height Adjustment
Tires are 5.7 x 8 Load C, rated for 1800 lbs. total @ 65 mph!
The 97 pound DUALLY Hitch Helper 
fits any 2-inch receiver hitch
Dual Coil springs give a smooth towing ride
Easy Height Adjustment





New Product Release!!!!!
FORCEFIELD, the only patented spin-on magnetic pre-filter for your engine, transmission and hydraulic oil. Just simply spin-on with your existing filter for effective magnetic filtration.

Manufacturer for over 36 years of high performance belt-driven and electric engine cooling fans,
engine and transmission oil coolers, and accessories.

Performance - Reliability - Style

We also manufacture solutions for custom manufacturing  and
aquatic harvest environments.
Flex-a-lite Consolidated
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