AMSOIL Sample Letter sent by  Technical Services 
to  automobile dealerships when they  say using 
will void the manufacturers warranty

It has come to our attention that you (or employee's name) have been informing our mutual customers that the use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil voids your manufacturers' warranty. This claim is not true. Please review the following facts about warranties and AMSOIL synthetic motor oil.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) recommend consumers use lubricants of the proper viscosity grade and service classification. Any oil, whether it's petroleum oil or synthetic, may be used without affecting the overall warranty coverage. OEMs pay or deny warranty claims based on the findings of failure analysis. To affect the vehicle warranty, the lubricant must be directly responsible for the failure. If the oil did not cause the problem the warranty cannot be voided, regardless of the brand of oil used, or the length of time or number of miles the oil was used. To flatly inform the customer that the use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil voids their vehicle warranty is not true. It is not supported by OEMs and damages AMSOIL INC.

AMSOIL introduced the world's first API rated synthetic motor oil to the automotive public in 1972. Since then, every major motor oil manufacturer has followed AMSOIL's lead and has introduced synthetic oils of their own. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils exceed the most demanding worldwide performance standards. They are specially formulated to provide superior performance and longer service than provided by conventional oils. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils can be installed and used with complete confidence. AMSOIL INC carries liability insurance and offers our customers complete warranty coverage for oil related failures, should one ever occur.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and anticipate there will be no further intimidation of our customers by your insuring no one implies or states that the use of AMSOIL products will "void" vehicle warranties. Thank you.

Customer Service Division


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