AMSOIL Introduces New Diesel Fuel Additives

New AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate and Cold Flow Improver address latest diesel engine challenges and maximize performance.

Lower levels of sulfur decrease lubricity and the fuel's ability to control wear in the fuel injectors and fuel pump.

Diesel fuel formulation changes have been necessary to meet 2007 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards. Because sulfur is key to the formation of emissions, the sulfur level in diesel fuel has been gradually decreased over the years. Most recently, the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel dropped diesel fuel sulfur levels from 500 ppm to 15 ppm in order to meet 2007 particulate limits. The problem, however, is that lower levels of sulfur decrease lubricity and the fuel's ability to control 'wear in the fuel injectors and fuel pump.

Because low levels of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology were applied in diesel to meet 2002 nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission standards, most manufacturers have incorporated increased EGR rates in their engines to meet 2007 NOx emission standards. Increased EGR rates cause rapid diesel oil TBN depletion due to increased acid formation and higher levels of soot loading in the oil In addition, diesel oils meeting API CJ-4 requirements have lower sulfated ash content, which controls TBN levels. The CJ-4 specification only allows enough sulfated ash content to reach a maximum TBN of eight, increasing the importance of TBN retention.

High quality diesel fuel additives are key to keeping equipment running efficiently. New AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate and Cold Flow Improver provide maximum protection and performance in both new and old diesel engines.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate (ADF) is a total cleaner and lubricity improver for all types of diesel engines. It compensates for the quality variances of different fuels (including biodiesels) and the deficiencies of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel for improved engine operation. Diesel Concentrate controls the problems created by EGR systems and lower diesel oil TBN levels by neutralizing acids during combustion, minimizing acidic wear, reducing the rate of TBN depletion and maintaining oil quality. Diesel Concentrate cleans fuel injectors and piston rings for improved combustion and better sealing and minimizes soot generation. Reduced soot loading keeps soot related wear and oil viscosity increase under control. In addition, Diesel Concentrate improves the oxidation and thermal stability of diesel fuel, improves fuel economy by up to five percent, restores horsepower and protects against water contamination.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate replaces Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate (ADC) and Diesel Fuel Modifier (ADM) and is recommended for all types of heavy and light-duty, on and off road and marine diesel engines. It is compatible with all types of exhaust emission systems, including diesel particulate filters. Diesel Concentrate is also recommended in heating oil furnace applications in place of Home Heating Fuel Extender which is discontinued. Diesel Concentrate is excellent for use with Cetane Boost and new Diesel Cold Flow Improver.

AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Improver

Combining AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate with a cold flow improvement property is not cost effective for the summer months or for customers living in warmer climates. To keep its cost down, AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate does not include a cold flow improver. Instead, AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Improver (DFF) is recommended for low temperature applications below 40F.

Diesel fuel forms wax and gels in cold temperatures, plugging the fuel filter and stopping engine operation. Diesel Cold Flow Improver is designed for use with ULSD, but also works well with conventional fuels. It functions by modifying the wax crystal formation at low temperatures to depress the pour point and Improve the cold flow filtration properties. Diesel Cold Flow Improver lowers the cold filter plugging point by as much as 20F and decreases the need for # 1 diesel fuel diluted with kerosene. Diesel Cold Flow Improver contains jet fuel-type deicer to help prevent ice formation in fuels contaminated with water. Diesel Cold Flow Improver is compatible with diesel particulate filters (DPF's) and is excellent for use with Diesel Concentrate and Cetane Boost.

AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate
ADF-CN 16-oz. Can
ADF-16 (12) 16-OZ. Cans
ADF-05 5 Gallon Pail
ADF-55 55 Gallon Drum
AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver
DFF-CN 16-oz. Can
DFF-16 (12) 16-oz. Cans
DFF-05 5 Gallon Pail
DFF-55 55 Gallon Drum


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